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African youth choir, Ubuntu is performing at Twin Towns in June as a part of the ‘I AM because We ARE’ tour that will demonstrate the vibrant African culture, and will share their remarkable show with local audiences around Australia. Ubuntu is made up of 14 members, and are travelling the world to raise funds for vulnerable children back in their home communities and villages.

The Ubuntu cast toured the world as small children as a part of the incredibly successful African Children’s Choir. The African Children’s Choir performed on stages such as Carnegie Hall and the London Palladium, and had the opportunity to perform for Nobel Prize winners and US Presidents with various celebrities. The sponsorship of the African Children’s Choir allowed these small children to graduate from high school, and transform into the talented 18 to 20 year olds that now form the choir, Ubuntu.

An incredible aspect of Ubuntu is the grassroots cultural exchange that occurs through their performance. The tour allows Ubuntu to share their story and connect with audiences through inspiring and engaging tribal song and dance. Kwaya, a Gold Coast based charity, has made this tour possible. Marsha Gusti, the President and Founder of Kwaya Australia, explains, “Watching participants from both sides learn more about the others’ culture is one of the highlights of the tour.”

Kwaya, founded in 2011, has since helped educate more than 52,000 children through organising cross-cultural musical exchanges and encouraging participation in altruistic and life-changing projects.

By Lydia Maranta
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