Açaí bowls seem to have taken the world by storm, and leading the way in this bountiful berry biz is Sarah Miller with her açaí bar, Kiss the Berry, now newly opened at Burleigh Heads.

Drawn to the allure of açaí on a trip to the United States in 2012, Miller knew she had to share this amazing superfood with her friends and family back home.

“I loved açaí’s array of health benefits and saw an opportunity to bring a product to Brisbane which people may have been unfamiliar with,” Miller shares.

Benefits such as 19 different amino acids,

minerals and vitamins (including calcium and vitamin E) to name a few.

As a young, female entrepreneur with a thriving business in the health and wellness industry, Miller is passionate about sharing açaí and Kiss The Berry’s locally sourced ingredients. With more than 20,000 new customers through the doors at the new Burleigh Heads açaí bar, Miller has proven herself to be a hard-working Millennial.

Coming from a very sporty family and having an ex-Rugby Union Player as a dad, Miller has always understood the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This way of living has stood as a pillar of Miller’s career and success but shares it’s not her only passion.

“We source all of our fresh fruit, honey and nut milks from local suppliers, and providing our customers with the highest quality produce that supports the local community is extremely important to me. Whether that’s the local beekeeper who collects honey from hives placed on rooftops around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, or the local farmer who supplies our fresh berries – I think of them as my family too,” Miller says.

Founded when Miller was just 19-years-old, four years on, Kiss the Berry has three stores across Queensland including South Bank, Brisbane City and now another at the newly opened Burleigh Heads location.

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