Blur Festival, an innovative photography festival, is coming to Brisbane in February 2018.

Blur Festival includes a variety of lectures and interactive workshops. Guest speakers will include Lisa Saad, Ian Butterworth, Delly Carr, Luisa Dunn, Ian Golding, Haze Alieu, and Norbert Kniat.

Blur offers everyone the opportunity to experience and learn regardless of skill level, background or interest.

It aims to bring people with a similar interest together.

Blur was founded by professional photographer Steve Pettit, who was inspired to create a place for creative to come together.

During the festival, ticket holders will have the opportunity to customise their experience by choosing five lectures, four workshops and guided shoot booth tours to attend.

Blur will also be holding an expo with the latest equipment, cameras, lights and programs followed by a variety of business workshops and lectures on social media, marketing, accounting and SEO.

While photography may be the main focus, on Friday and Saturday night, a fashion show will take place featuring an array of Australian and local designers.

Blur Festival runs from 2 to 5 February 2018.

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