The minds behind restaurant New Zealand restaurant Botswana Butchery, Al Spary and Russel Gray, are treating foodies to a Botswana Butchery cookbook filled with the duo’s most popular recipes.

Since opening in 2007, Botswana Butchery has experienced significant success, pleasing diners with delicious, simple flavours. The combination of a constantly evolving menu and a set of ‘classic’ Botswana Butchery dishes, invites loyal customers back for a second taste.

Currently located in both Queenstown and Auckland, the New Zealand produce-oriented restaurant has previously been unattainable to Australians.

Now, with the written help from Spary and Gray, anybody, anywhere can enjoy the restaurant’s star dishes from the comfort of their own home.

Designed to share Botswana Butchery’s unique cuisine beyond the New Zealand border, the cookbook delivers a variety of dishes predominately for people who most enjoy eating meat and fish with rich sauces and condiments.

“I am sure that you will find many dishes in this book that you can cook yourself and have a little bit of the Botswana Butchery magic in your very own home,” states Spary.

The duo have shared some of their most beloved recipes, including brined pork cutlets with mustard vinaigrette and burnt apple purée.

Non-meat lovers needn’t fret however, with the recipe compendium offering a selection of light, healthy vegetarian options, including a caramelised whitlof salad. While the emphasis is placed on fine cut meats and sophisticated desserts, the recipe book offers a range of restaurant-quality recipes for every food-lover.

Incomplete without a selection of delectable desserts, the cookbook finishes with some of Botswana Butchery’s classic dessert recipes, such as the milk chocolate parfait with yoghurt sorbet and salted caramel sauce.

The Botswana Butchery cookbook is available in bookstores or online from



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