Journeying all the way from Rome to the sunny Gold Coast, Italian jeweler Bulgari has found its new home in a marble-laden boutique in Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

Known for its colourful gemstones, the brand’s latest Australian store is an expression of traditional Roman architecture fused with contemporary touches. Architect Peter Marino is the designer behind the 150-square-metre selling space. Inspired by 2700 years of Roman history, Marino’s design is a continuous interplay between innovation and tradition. 

Adorned with classical Roman features including ancient marbles and stones as well as detailed geometric patterning, the boutique is a modern spin on Romes impressive historical structures. Upon entering, shoppers are met with an Italian-influenced black grande antique marble facade framed by Travertino Novona columns. Once inside the luxury boutique, Bois Jourdan marble on the entrance welcomes the visitor and encompasses the symbolic Condotti eight pointed star in red porphyry. The star, meaning ‘all the roads lead to Rome’, can be found in every Bulgari store around the world, tying each boutique to its historic flagship store in Rome which features the same insignia.
Another example of Italian craftsmanship is the square-patterned walnut wood flooring with a parquet effect, adding further elements of classical elegance to the interior.

The Gold Coast boutique also features accoutrements reminiscent of the 50s and 60s as well as an exclusive VIP area guarded by a pantheon-inspired bronze latticework.

The  store will carry Bulgari’s iconic collections including Serpentini, B.Zero1, Octo and Lucea. Now open, Bulgari at Pacific Fair allows Queensland’s coastal residents access to the brand’s international jewellery collection.