When we think of champagne, we are instantly reminded of the glamorous bottles with foil tops, the pop and fizz once you pop the cork and the tall, elegant flutes that we love to drink it out of. However, according to The Champagne Dame, we are drinking it wrong.

Kyla Kirkpatrick is the wine educator and presenter behind The Champagne Dame and she is adamant that coupes and flutes are not the best choices to drink champagne from.

“Often during my masterclasses, I ask people which wine glass they have at home and most of them happily raise their hand and say champagne flutes. To that I tell them that it is a terrible choice of glass if you really love champagne!” Kirkpatrick exclaimed.

“Like any other wine, each champagne has its own aroma and flavour profile that can only be fully enjoyed if you choose the right glass to drink from,” she said.

So what should we be drinking champagne from to enjoy the flavour experience in its entirety? According to Kirkpatrick, a tulip-shaped wine glass is best as it preserves the bubbles, but more importantly, it enhances the aroma for your palate.

“The shape makes a lot of difference to the taste and aroma of champagne – and hence the total tasting experience,” she explained. “The base of a tulip-shaped glass is like a flute which helps develop and maintain bubbles. However, the wide bowl gives room for aeration of the wine and develops the flavour and aroma.

And as it gets narrow towards the rim, aromas are captured and preserved in the glass, creating much more pleasure for the nose.”

Kirkpatrick believes that although champagne flutes have their perks, they are mostly used to showcase the vertical stream of those tiny rising bubbles that we love to see.

“Although the flute does its job of preserving the fizz, it does no justice to the refined champagne of today. As champagne consumption is growing exponentially, there is a need to educate fans on the facts and to release them from the myths.”

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