Robert Walters shatters old myths, reveals new truths and constructs a journey for the most celebrated wine in the world in his latest release, Champagne: A Secret History.

As a vineyard owner, wine merchant and writer with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Walter uses his bevy of knowledge to tell a well-written and researched literature about Champagne.

Working with some of the world’s finest artisans, across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, his obsession has lead him to write for publications like The World of Fine Wine, eventually leading him to the creation of his own ode to bubbly.

Living in Melbourne, he set out to let the truth rise to the top of the glass about Champagne myths. Theories he dispels include that if the bubbles are bigger, they’re better.

“Bigger isn’t always better — well, when it comes to Champagne bubbles anyway. When you’re enjoying a glass of Champagne and notice streams of tiny bubbles rising to the surface, that’s a good sign!” said Walter.

“Smaller bubbles means more bubbles per glass collecting and carrying the flavour to the surface.

“This results in a heightened and more complex aromatic experience for your senses.”

Or about how the colder the wine, the better it is to taste.

“Busted: Chilled, yes, but hold the ice bucket. Serving a quality Champagne too cold mutes both the flavour and aroma, two of the most delightful aspects of any luxury Champagne.”

And finally, about what to drink Champagne out of. Only flutes, right? Walter says different.

“Although flutes do retain the bubbles better than a coupe, the narrow opening concentrates the levels of CO2 in Champagne, forcing out an ultra-explosion of bubbles that ultimately distort the taste and aroma.

“Get the most oomph (both in terms of bubbles and flavour) out of a high-end Champagne by serving it in a classic wine glass.”

Embellished with a gold foil cover and flaps, Champagne: A Secret History is the must-have guide for bubbly connoisseurs this festive season.

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