Latin street food eatery Comuna Cantina has concocted a menu of limited-edition espresso martinis that are chock-a-block with holiday decadence.

Owner Tim Johnson has given the universally-loved, coffee-infused cocktail a decadent chocolate spin with Nutella, Tim Tam, Cherry Ripe, Cadbury Creme Egg and Bounty varieties. Tim says the change of seasons and an increasing number of requests from Comuna patrons for a guilty-pleasure cocktail inspired the decision.

“With the weather changing I thought it was time to add more indulgent, dessert-style cocktails to the menu,” Tim explains. “It also taps into the growing popularity of this cocktail and decadently blends it with a familiar chocolate favourite. We had previously mixed caramel and white chocolate espresso martinis by customer request, so the introduction of these choices to the menu is a natural evolution of that trend.”

Communa’s social media community has experienced a complete meltdown following the news of these new chocolate martinis, according to Tom, with more than 2000 enthusiastic customers

commenting and tagging their friends on social media.

“People are just going crazy over it,” he says. “One person has said they are packing their bags and travelling interstate to have one.”

And if you weren’t quite convinced yet, there’s news of new Oreo and Mint Slice varieties in the pipeline. We’ll save you a seat at the bar.

Comuna Cantina is located in Albert Lane in the Brisbane CBD and Pacific Fair shopping centre on the Gold Coast.



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