Dalton Hospitality has established itself as the premier catering company in Brisbane by offering exceptional catering services for a wide range of functions and events. Serving Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast, Dalton Hospitality is recognised as one of only three companies in Queensland to be awarded with the WEOA three diamond award for excellence in 2015.

Started in 2003, Dalton Hospitality emerged as a one-man operation headed by Jerome Dalton, who combined his love of food and knowledge of the hospitality industry. Dalton’s reputation grew rapidly and the business transformed into one of Brisbane’s leading catering companies.

The Dalton family now includes apprentice chefs, front of house staff, kitchen hands, and a support team that emphasise the utmost quality, whether in the dishes or the personal service.

Dalton differentiates itself by tailoring a menu to suit your tastes and budgets – food is an individual matter, and your menu should reflect your favourite dishes, flavours, likes, and dislikes. Dalton offers a range of options catered to all preferences and events, whether you are looking for picnic baskets, a three-course menu, food stations, buffets, or just an extensive drink list.

Committed to using only fresh and natural food and helping the environment, Dalton uses free range, organic, GM-free, and cruelty-free products whenever possible.

Dalton knows that a good event is about the ambiance, not just the food, and offers a wide assortment of cooking, dining, and entertainment equipment for hire. Choose from smoke machines, flood lights, full surround-sound speakers, glassware, and more.

From weddings to parties to your next corporate event, Dalton Hospitality offers an unparalleled level of service and quality for an unforgettable experience.