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Mercenary Wade Wilson spent his days chasing bad guys even worse than him and drinking at a local bar with his good friend before he met the woman of his dreams. Thinking he had everything he wanted, Wade Wilson’s life changed for the worse when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After being approached by a man promising to rid him of his illness and make him a superhuman with abilities, Wilson signs his life over to the man’s organisation for his treatment – a treatment that involves numerous ways of torture to force a genetic mutation. While their experiments succeeded in giving Wade Wilson self-healing abilities, he is left deformed and badly scarred. Enter Wade Wilson’s alter ego: Deadpool.

In his efforts to reverse his physical appearance, Deadpool spends two years hunting down the villain Ajax for the remedy and to seek his revenge. Movie-goers are told from the beginning, Deadpool is no superhero. Right from the get go, you are presented with Ryan Reynold’s amusing, fourth-wall breaking commentary that continues throughout the film as if the character Wade Wilson is talking and creating a relationship with the viewer. The comedic relief is Wade Wilson, who can only be described as a charismatic smartass with his sexually explicit banter, X-men references and other jokes targeted towards the villain Ajax and the two X-men characters.

Deadpool is the type of protagonist who takes a taxi to a big fight, always forgets his ammunition-filled Hello Kitty backpack, and then watches his blind roommate build an IKEA drawer after a long day.

Deadpool’s unique presentation as a film and comedic relief is what makes it so different to other action films. The use of slow motion in fight scenes, good camera angle shots and catching the viewer up to the present moment with flashbacks perfectly flowed throughout action scenes. The straightforward tale of revenge was no surprise and the conclusion of the film was predictable but the comedic relief and Ryan Reynold’s performance made the film memorable. Deadpool is a must see!

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Director: Tim Miller

Running Time: 107 minutes

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Words by Jocelyn Garcia 

Image by 20th Century Fox


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