Step back in time to witness the architecture that defines Brisbane in this stunning and immersive exhibition. The State Library and the UQ School of Architecture present a tour through the period of development that shaped modern Queensland. From the undulating expanse of the Riverside Expressway to the distinctive features of the University of Queensland’s Central Library, Hot Modernism: building modern Queensland 1945-75 uncovers the stories of Brisbane’s mid-century heritage.


The post-world war II era brought a surge of new ideas and ways of thinking about sub-tropical living and was marked by a design innovation that is often forgotten. The exhibition’s interactive features include a full-scale recreation of the 1957 Jacobi House, 3D models and historical drawings, as well as a ‘Design Our City’ module that allows you to be a visionary and build a Brisbane of the future.


The program includes expert presentations, lectures and social soirees to broaden the mind and better understand the buildings that we walk amongst, live, work and play within. See the full exhibition and events program online, but be quick, as it ends on the 12th of October!

Words Jessie Kinivan