“They say you fall in love the moment you see your newborn baby for the first time. Now, I’d like to say that was true, but in my case if I’m being totally honest, it didn’t quite happen like that.”

Aaron Harvie, former Masterchef contestant and host of Channel 10‘s Love To Share has published his debut cooking book A House Husbands’ Guide: Cooking for your pregnant partner.

Released by New Holland Publishers, this guide is aimed at future fathers who want to become more involved in their partner’s pregnancy. Being familiar with this experience himself,

Harvie admits to feeling “removed” and “alienated” during his own wife’s pregnancy. Like many dads-to-be, he could only watch his wife transform and nurture their unborn child while his limited position only enabled him to support her in this journey. Harvie soon discovered that his culinary background and commitment to fatherhood could contribute greatly the health and wellbeing of both his wife and child.

“By simply making an effort, getting in to the kitchen and cooking the meals, you can support your partner and also help ensure your baby gets the nutrition they need at the same time” he states.

This cookbook is stylistically written to appeal to all stay-at-home,

weekend, single and generally enthusiastic Dads with heartfelt anecdotes and fatherly tips scattered throughout its contents. It provides an easy, healthy, safe and delicious way for fathers to support their partner’s cravings and physical needs, while giving their child the best possible start in life. The book discusses areas such as basic cooking and nutritional tips, cheats and tricks, the three second-rule, what to include and what not to include in the menu, baby facts and hospital food.

In A House Husbands’ Guide, Harvie offers fathers a simple lifeline and the opportunity to play an essential role in the pregnancy of their child.


Banner image: Aaron Harvie

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