While walking down the cobbled streets of France, Brisbane-based mother and daughter Sharon and Jill, respectively, had an idea. Their inspiration came from the beautiful boutiques and chateaus that caught their eye, due in part to the charm of simple additions such as tissue box covers.

After returning home, the pair designed their first hand-sewn covers as Christmas gifts for their friends and family. Popular amongst their loved ones, they decided to create J.S. & Mopsi; machine washable, durable tissue box covers made from the highest quality Irish linen.

While it isn’t easy to take an ordinary household item and turn it into a statement, J.S. & Mopsi managed to accomplish just that.

Their linen covers bring a minimalist chic look to a room, resembling the style of a French cottage, while still acting as a practical object.

For most of us, a tissue box is just a tissue box. However, the women at J.S. & Mopsi saw the opportunity to take these objects and turn them into a French-inspired, elegant household item. Using 100% natural Irish linen for their tissue box covers, the women also avoid manufacturing waste by using their leftover material to make adorable keepsake Beatrice Bunnies.

“As well as being hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and skilfully woven, the covers paved way for another member of the team’s raison d’être – the endearingly sweet Beatrice Bunnies.

Made from linen off-cuts left by the tissue box covers, these ornamental figures offer a poignant, whimsical window to the European countryside,” they said.

The women chose linen for many reasons. “It’s a natural material as well as anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for a tissue box cover. It’s also long lasting, sturdy and sustainable, so you can put it in the washer and dryer and not have to worry that it will shrink. Linen also gets softer with wear and tear, so you know your tissue box covers will always look fabulous, whether you’ve had them for a day or for years.”

J.S. & Mopsi products are available to purchase online.