If you were left wondering what Hollywood superstar Jeff Goldblum was doing delivering snags to Sydney-siders, we have all the answers you need.

In case you missed it, the renowned chef was spotted serving sausages from a food truck on the streets of Sydney gloriously named ‘Chef Goldblum’s Jazzy Snags’. As if it wasn’t already enough to rival a Bunnings sausage sizzle, Goldblum was seen chatting with patrons and even giving out the odd selfie.

After that, he headed for a two-day shoot and found himself in a number of quintessentially Aussie scenarios – think footy shorts.

So was he promoting a new restaurant? Creating a little publicity stunt? Or does he simply find Aussie snags to irresistible?

None of the above (but maybe the last one is still in the picture). Goldblum has revealed it was all for his Australian TV debut with the well-known food delivery company, Menulog.

Recently launched, Goldblum features in five different TV commercials for Menulog, that encourage Aussies to spend more time enjoying the range of delicious cuisines Australia has to offer – just as he did while down under.

The series sees Goldblum, with his characteristic humour, telling Aussies ‘Less Talk; More Eat’. 

So, to honour his own words, next week he will be shouting 500 Aussies a Menulog meal on him, to celebrate the launch of his first foray into food delivery. Simply head to facebook.com/menulog next Tuesday 23 May 2017 for details on how to get one of Goldblum’s Jazzy meals.

Over the next few months, the chef will be showing Aussies all the different ways they can make their lives easier – and their mealtimes better – with discounts, freebies and more great stuff from Menulog.

You may not be able to spot him on the streets anymore but he will be popping up on TV, radio and social media in his quirky Goldblum style to share his tips and tricks.

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