Laminex has launched its finger print resistant matte finish range AbsoluteMatte, featuring sleek, matte colours with an anti-fingerprint finish, boasting wood grain looks. The launch of AbsoluteMatte combines Laminex’s leading-edge innovation in surface technology with the style and functionality the brand is renowned for. This new high-pressure laminate delivers an ultra-matte surface that is fingerprint resistant in a range of colours.

AbsoluteMatte utilises technology that safeguards the original surface condition, minimising wear and tear and preserving the integrity of the surface. This durable bench tops absorb light and is smooth to the touch, perfect for both residential environments and high traffic commercial spaces. Laminex Design Marketing Manager Catherine Valente explains that matte continues to hold its strength in the design industry.

“The velvet appearance and the stunning colour palette allows it to compliment beautiful architectural spaces in both a vertical and horizontal application,” she said. “From a clean architectural white to the most current greys and the ultimate matte black, the palette is striking but in tones that will support any style.”

There are 10 colours available in the range, including clean white, oyster grey, and matte black. AbsoluteMatte is suitable for a range of horizontal and vertical applications, including benchtops, cabinetry, doors, panels and is available with matched or contrast edging. The fingerprint resistant technology is the key to its usability as it means any colour chosen will keep its clean, stylish finish. With AbsoluteMatte, Laminex continues to push the boundaries between premium and practical in both residential and commercial spaces.

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