Steve Quirk has just released the holy grail to margarita making. The Margarita Guide features a wide range of cocktails for all occasions.

It includes 50 different drinks that will add a delicious twist to any home or party.

The book contains inspirational photographs and simple-to-follow recipes in order to introduce a wide range of margaritas, from basic mixers to exotic creations.

The useful tips prepare readers for hosting their own margarita parties where they can take their guests on a cocktail journey to remember.

Each recipe has clear and uncomplicated directions. Even those with no previous cocktail making experience will be easily creating delicious Margaritas.

In addition to traditional tequila-based recipes, there are also unique vodka and rum based variations as well.

The Margarita Guide is the complete guide to great-tasting margaritas, where readers will never be short of a delicious Margarita recipe again. Full of different flavours and styles, there will be a margarita to suit all tastes.

The Margarita Guide, by New Holland Publishers is available for purchase from all good bookstores or online here at RRP $24.99.