For Laureen Maschek, clothing tells a story, and she wants to make sure it’s the right one.

Maschek, by Laureen Maschek, aims to combine a story of fair wages, empowerment, and sustainability with beautiful, intricate garments. Her designs are a holistic interpretation of nature and express a philosophy that brings forth the wholeness and unity of life.

“Maschek’s designs incorporate meticulous pencil drawings and digital art which are a visual study of phenomena at the intersection of nature, geometry, physics, and spirituality. They are inspired by subjects including sacred geometry and Fibonacci spirals. Each fabric print depicts not only the known aspects of nature, but also reveals the unseen, intuitive aspects of the universe,” said founder, Laureen Maschek.

The Summer 2017/2018 range, Samasara will be shown at the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival on Saturday, 21 October.

It is a collection of luxurious resort and evening wear that is ethically and sustainably produced. Bohemian with Indian-inspired detailing, the embroidery and bead work is intricately created by the designer’s artisans.

Samsara by Maschek is a diverse celebration of art, beauty and life, and indulges the free spirited woman with a luxurious pallet and sensual detail, exquisite embellishments, fine silk, bamboo and cotton fabrics.

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