Fitness studio SoBa is opening three studios in West End, New Farm, and North Side on 16 October. The studios will offer a variety of barre, mat, and mindfulness classes with a team of instructors providing more than 75 classes each week.

SoBa director Ash Daniec made her mark in the fitness industry with the Barre Brisbane West End studio.

“I really wanted to create a space for connection, to attract people that are inspiring, thoughtful, connected and freaking exciting to be around. I don’t want to be a method, I don’t want to be the answer; I want it to be an experience,” said Daniec.

SoBa aims to challenge the Brisbane health and wellness scene, promising a diverse approach to helping others become the best possible version of themselves.

Along with fitness classes, meditation workshops will include meditation for beginners, stress releasing techniques, sound healing, and themed guided mediation, such as being fearless, visualising success, self-love, and many more. There will be six to eight minutes of mindfulness at the end of every class.

In early 2016, Daniec was faced with her own health challenges, when extreme stress resulted in an imbalance of hormones and depleted energy levels. She was soon diagnosed with Sympathetic Nervous System Dominance, more commonly known as Rushing Women’s Syndrome. This led to a complete re-evaluation of her lifestyle and stress management strategies.

The avoidance of alcohol, artificial sugar, and caffeine made a positive impact on her overall health. Living a clean lifestyle is one of the inspirations behind her new SoBa studios.

Daniec was advised to only participate in stretch, yin yoga, and meditation whilst her health was in recovery and this ignited her love for a more mindful practice. With clean movement and a clear mind, Daniec wants people to ‘create your state.’

SoBa aims to help and support a variety of people and their emotions with the goal of promoting a natural beauty. With that in mind, the marketing campaigns are filled with un-touched, non-edited images.

“I want ‘natural’ to be seen as ‘normal’,” said Daniec.

SoBa is a gender-neutral studio, open to all ages, fitness, and experience levels. With more than nine different class styles, there is something for everyone. The signature class, ‘Create Your State,’ is a full sensory experience where you will be guided into relaxation while the instructor tends to each person with essential oils, hot cloths, and pressure point massage.

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