Technology — the cornerstone of the age and world in which we live — is often the subject of much contention. It has changed the way we buy our clothes, altered our interactions with people, created new jobs yet culled others. Debates over the influence of technology on our buying habits are frequent and well versed. Yet little conversation exists over how our dining habits are changing. What’s more, how are restaurants, bars and eateries catering to such changes?

Zacharie Chalbos, General Manager of Brisbane restaurant Nickel Kitchen and Bar has spoken out about operating in today’s dining scene, where guests are only a google search away from a plethora of dining options.

“The dining scene in Brisbane has changed incredibly over the past five years and a contributing factor to this is the level of knowledge and understanding diners have regarding what they expect from their fine dining experience,” Mr Chalbos said.

Online reviews, delivery sites such as EatNow, UberEats and Foodora, and social media make dining opportunities seem endless. While it is hard to stand out in such an environment, these new challenges ignite fresh and inventive thought within the minds of fine dining establishments. One of the first Brisbane venues to offer guests a complementary Uber ride home, Mr Chalbos says Nickel Kitchen and Bar is keeping up with guest’s changing needs.

“My team and I are dedicated to ensuring all of our guests receive the best experience possible every time they visit us, we do far more than serve great meals and exquisite wine. It is all about being part of a culinary experience that transcends conventional dining. We are very passionate about what we do, everything is taken into consideration from the food and wine selection through to the constant creational challenge to be different, it is all critically thought out to ensure the customers’ experience is exceptional,” he said.

Technology fosters an interdependence and connection between people of different parts of the world; as a result, were are increasingly globalised citizens with an awareness of the dining practices of other cultures. The increase in locals seeking out fine dining experiences similar to those in Europe is setting the benchmark with not only head chefs impressing guests, but sommeliers playing a pivotal role in the dining experience.

Nickel Kitchen & Bar’s Head Chef, Gordon MacGregor, says the importance of the kitchen and the sommelier to collaborate on what is being offered to guests is a critical component to the success of any restaurant and is expected as a standard.

Much to no one’s surprise, these standards of expectations will continue to evolve. As they do, we can sit back and watch the evolution of the dining industry — all its new indulgent features and sophisticated inventions — as well.


Banner image by Kylie Zimanyi from Curated Life Studio

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