Organic Index hosted a morning tea to introduce Brisbane media to the store on Thursday, 19 January. Guests were treated to baked goods by The Sugar Hit, and the opportunity to see the range of stock, including Erica Brooke Skincare, Gemma Vendetta, Inika, Hunter Lab, Hot Tresses, One Seed Fragrance, TheSeeke and Petalhead.

Originally launching online before opening a physical retail store in Paddington, three sisters Melissa, Emma and Rebecca, are on a mission to create a collection of natural,

crafted and ethical makeup, skin and body products focusing on makers exclusively from Australia and New Zealand.

“We want to educate shoppers that there is a different way and plenty of alternatives. And with the level of quality in natural and organic products now, you’re not sacrificing. In some cases, you’re actually levelling up,” Melissa said.

They describe themselves as explorers, discovering products that genuinely contribute to wellbeing.

“We are creating a quality, unique space that brings together honest, beautiful products sourced from local ethical brands in person and online. Organic Index is a space for passionate and honest people to connect and be inspired to explore a healthier, transparent quality approach to skincare and beauty products.

“We’re at the helm of this ship and enjoying the ebbs and flows that come with that. Together we are able to create a space for creativity, connection and expression of our and our brand’s best work.”