Owners of Paddock Bakery in Miami, Ben and Ursula Watts, have a knack for creating on-trend eateries.

They are celebrating the first anniversary of their second successful venture, Bam Bam Bakehouse.

The Watts’ first forays into the Gold Coast foodie scene have been impressive. Their culinary story began when they threw in the tools at their small carpentry business to pursue their passion for good food. And so Paddock Bakery in Miami, Gold Coast, was born, with a clear ethos of “simple food, done right”. “We created a food offering of things we both loved to eat … and of course that always starts with bread! Our woodfired bread became the nucleus of the business and the menu was built from there.”

But Ben and Ursula wanted to keep creating. “It’s what we love to do … to keep pushing the boundaries on what people’s expectations of bakeries are.” Their latest enterprise, a patisserie called Bam Bam Bakehouse, is designed to do just that. Although Ben and Ursula are not technically bakers and admit it was a bold move, they knew they wanted to keep the love of handcrafted pastry alive. “We certainly went in blind but sometimes that’s the best recipe.”

Bam Bam Bakehouse was opened in November 2015 and has since grown into a cherished café alongside Mermaid Beach – one that draws famous patrons including Margot Robbie and Sylvia Jeffries. Much like at Paddock, the Watts have created a place that combines a laidback beach vibe with the appeal of a modern, eclectic eatery. “As you walk up the steps, you enter into a chic, cosy dining area, and you’ll get a glimpse of artisan pastry magic unfolding through the glass windows whilst ordering.”

With Bam Bam Bakehouse opening up onto a beautiful park, Ben and Ursula decided to find the perfect way to make use of the green space. Visitors are invited to borrow their round beach towels and enjoy their delicious treats in the park, basking in the best of Gold Coast’s weather. Bam Bam Bakehouse brings fun into the café experience, attracting everyone from groups of friends to young families. Ursula loves the setting because she knows first hand the benefit of outdoor eating when it comes to kids. “[My] kids don’t sit in a café anymore without flinging food onto someone else’s table.” Needless to say, child-friendly is definitely part of the business ethos.

Although Bam Bam Bakehouse specialises in bringing artisan small batch pastry to the public, its menu is far from limited. Serving up breakfast, lunch and drinks, the menu includes such classics as chicken parmigiana and egg nasi, alongside the delectable range of croissants. “Our croissants are handmade over two days; time is the only way to create perfection,” Ursula says. Both the food and the bakery itself have been crafted from Ben and Ursula’s vision and hard work. They offer a warning to customers, “As you edge closer to the pastry counter you’ll come to the agonising realisation, you have a decision to make.”

By Raashi Agarwal
Images supplied by Bam Bam Bakehouse