We chatted with Jano Dawes, owner and founder of The Prop House for our summer issue.

Favourite international holiday destination, and why?
It would have to be Italy in the summer – I love pasta and gelato, and I love the madness of European summer by the beach. It always feels romantic and exciting.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be, and what would you serve?
I would invite three people: my grandma (who I adored and who passed away many years ago), Princess Diana, because I always loved her and I would love to hear about her last few days, and my partner John Kotzas – because he is my best friend and a great conversationalist.

(I’d also really love him to meet my Grandma). I would cook roast chicken with vegetables and I would serve the gravy in my grandma’s gravy boat.

Ultimate Australian escape, and why?
North Stradbroke Island – hands down. It is truly the best place on earth. Relaxing, naturally stunning and has the best gelato shop in Queensland!

A weekend in summer is best spent …
With friends and the family at home around the pool with a cold bottle of wine close by and my partner cooking.

Favourite room in your house and why?
I don’t have a favourite room – I love my whole house.

I love coming home each and every day because my home is where I find peace away from my hectic life at work.

What about The Prop House are you most proud of?
I think the fact that we reached our 20th birthday in 2015 and I was able to look back at the many achievements of the company. The Prop House is my first child so I am enormously proud of everything we do as a company.

I also love the community work that we are able to do. The Prop House supports numerous charities. It is wonderful that we are in the position to help those less fortunate. It is how the world goes around I think, or at least the way it should.