Regent Seven Seas Cruises announced the launch of the Seven Seas Splendor, on 16 November, with the new ship scheduled for delivery in early 2020.

It is said to take the experience of its sister ship the Seven Seas Explorer to a whole new level, taking the Most Inclusive Luxury Experience crown with endless amounts of comfort and style. The new ship is meant to be no less than excellent, using the same high-end amenities that propelled the Seven Seas Explorer into claiming the luxury title.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises has celebrated its 25th anniversary this year as a four-ship fleet that visits more than 450 destinations around the world.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Regent Seven Seas Cruises Jason Montague announced the name of the new ship, filling ever-growing demand for vessels at the height of luxury.

“The extraordinary demand for Seven Seas Explorer has reinforced our decision to expand our fleet, and the Seven Seas Splendor will offer guests a fifth option that will provide unforgettable experiences in the world’s most compelling destinations.”

When choosing the name of the ship the company included as many opinions as possible ensuring a delighted outcome.

They asked valued travel agents, loyal guests and employees before the name was finally chosen. Seven Seas Splendor was the name chosen among nearly 2,600 unique names from more than 14,000 submissions.

The new ship will be able to hold up to 750 guests.

For more information see the Regent Seven Seas Cruises website.

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