A newly married Brisbane couple were expecting their first baby and realised things would get tight after the arrival of their new bub.

The couple converted their Brisbane home garage into a home salon, offering a high end service to clients in their suburb. With the help of Mood Design Interior Designer, Anastasia Dinos, they were able to use imagination and design thinking to create this sleek and ultra modern space.

Interior Designer, Anastasia Dinos, said that the original design developed after meeting with the couple and understanding their needs from the space.

“From there I developed a few mood boards and for them to show how to bring the ‘scandi’ look together that they were after,” she said. 

“In this case, the clients were very hands on and opted to arrange their own trades and source their own products, so I was happy to assist with the ideas and offer feedback on the build.”

The end result from this process was a super modern home salon that enabled the new mum to look after her newborn and continue to work in a flexible environment, working as a hairdresser.

“There is so much research around neuroscience and interiors to show that our mood, behaviours, and decisions are influenced through our physical environments,” Anastasia said.

“From lighting to textures, patterns, and colour, each element directly impacts how we perceive a space and in turn, how we feel.” 

Anastasia has studied ‘human centred designs’ and is a huge advocate in designing for people and their needs as opposed to focusing solely on trends.

“Workspaces, just like any other interior design, influence our mood and satisfaction at work so obviously the more consideration that goes into the design, the more likelihood of employee satisfaction, loyalty and low turnover,” she said.

“For new mums especially, this need is a priority in juggling finances with less income and another mouth to feed. Fitting your family routine around your work schedule at home can be tricky, but with practise, discipline, and routine, it can be mastered and you can have the best of both worlds.”

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