Movement and tranquility, simplicity and depth: international artist Regina Noakes evokes emotion and intimacy in her latest exhibition, Small Windows. Portrait-like paintings adorn the walls of Red Hill Art Gallery, surrounding you with girls both distinct and dreamlike.

At first glance, her unique style could be mistaken for simplistic, but the girls’ honest vulnerability holds your gaze to reveal layers of secrets. They glow with life and mystery, with a fluidity of movement though the paint lies still. Her bold brush strokes capture the essence of fleeting moments, and elude to a complex story behind each face.

“I always start with the eyes,” said Noakes.

“The eyes have to be right.”

And they are. Small windows into the soul, the eyes linger with the viewer long after you’ve stepped away.

Noakes creates harmony in opposites. She marries the stylised, flat features of her Indian Mughal art heritage with realistic undertones from her European Renaissance apprenticeship. Weaving calmness, tension, truth and mystery, her paintings are hypnotic. Study of her work reveals a mastery of shape, colour, texture and tone.

From painting in her grandmother’s basement to honing her talent in Singapore, America, Italy and Australia, Regina’s works hang in galleries and private collections all over the world. Her portfolio is not one to dismiss, as it includes the prestigious Lorenzo Medici Gold Medal City of Florence Italy Art Award.

She has admirers from the great rock-and-roll musician Eric Clapton to the casual passer-by. And once you fall in love with her work, you will be a fan for life.

Step into Noakes’ rich collection of intimacy and mystery with Small Windows, on display at Red Hill Art Gallery until 19 November.

See socials from the exhibition opening here.