Once confined to matrimonial affairs or the wildly eccentric, ring stacking has since become a popular style trend for women seeking to explore their creative side and diversify their accessories. Reintroducing the trend to accommodate a stylish, every day or luxe evening look, global Australian jewellery brand, Eliise Maar, merges different precious metals, stones, colours and silhouettes to create an endless look of styling arrangements that celebrates each wearer’s personality.

Drawing inspiration from stunning European landscapes, nature and architectural geometry, each ring by the brand is designed to be stacked in various compositions using lavish and dainty styles for a modern take on high-end bohemian chic. The brand’s owner, Eliise, moved to Australia from Estonia in 2014 and began the label in 2015.

Every piece is unique and handcrafted in their Melbourne studio through a combination of wax carving and computer-aided design (CAD) methods. Adopting a wax carving method, designs are hand carved out of wax and later cast in precious metals, such as sterling silver, gold and platinum. Nothing is plated or filled or contains nickel.

The current release of rings includes the Fleur Pearl, which features a metal flower, with an Akoya Pearl in the centre; the Stardust Rose, which features a thick band, with raised accents; and the Lavish Rose, which features a raised, rose quartz stone, perfect for easy stacking. Eliise Maar Jewellery is being sold worldwide and has been published in magazines such as Vogue AU, Elle UK and Harpers Bazaar UK.

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