Brisbane restaurant Suki Sushi is launching its new store at the Gold Coast, opening the doors later this month.

As the first poke restaurant in Robina Town Centre, the crowd-pleasing favourite is a healthy and nutritious alternative for lunch and dinner, including the build-your-own poke bowls and sushi burritos that caused a stir when it opened in 2016.

After trekking over the Hawaiian mountains of Maui and beaches of Oahu in search of the best poke bowls, the Suki team returned to Australia with one goal in mind: to fuse the flavours of Hawaii with locally sourced Australian fish to create something special.

Its poke bowls consist of blending marinated raw fish such as tuna, salmon and kingfish with a smorgasbord of fresh and cooked vegetables and dressings. There is also the choice of hot proteins, including organic tofu, katsu chicken and sticky beef, all tempting and different in their own way.

It also offers the cold, sweeter selection of delicious fruits like juicy watermelon and rockmelon, allowing customers to create their own tropical, summer bowls.

Suki Sushi have also just launched an online mobile app for pre-ordering which will allow for an express tastebud experience, without the wait in line.

There are no signs of Suki slowing down any time soon. Chief Executive Officer Kim Toovey plans to open even more locations nationally, bringing the Suki name and taste outside of Queensland.

“We’re really excited to be expanding, following the success of our Brisbane locations it was only a matter of time before we opened our doors on the Gold Coast,” says Mr Toovey.

“So far, everyone has really been embracing us so we can’t wait to see the response at our Robina location.”

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