Margaret Loy Pula won the 2017 Tattersall’s Landscape Art Prize for her piece, Anatye (“bush potato”). The award is acquisitive and the winning entry becomes the newest addition to Tattersall’s Club’s collection.

The art prize is an annual event that has been running since the 1990s. Each year over 100 artists are selected from each state and territory to be invited to exhibit a painting.

Throughout the competition’s history, the entrants have included many luminaires in the art world such as Fiona Lowry, John Perceval, Margaret Olley, Robert Dickerson, Fred Cress, John Coburn, Charles Blackman, David and Jamie Boyd and Judy Cassab to name just a few.

Margaret’s painting is an aerial view of the growth pattern of the plant.  The centre cross is the plant, the vines send out tendrils into the soil and this is where the potato (or bush yam) begins to grow.

Margaret continues a legacy through her art that dates back through millennia. She paints traditional stories handed down from her father and depicts her homelands, bush foods, and ceremonial designs using a series of finely detailed dots.

“This painting is about my culture, my family. That’s my father’s dreaming.This is from my father’s country, that country is called ‘Unjangola.’

That is north of Utopia, not too far but really desert country,” said Pula when discussing her piece.

The judges for this year’s prize include Simon Elliott, Deputy Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art; Dr Deborah Hart, Curator of Australian Art, National Gallery of Australia; Pat Hoffie, Emeritus Professor and artist; and Tattersall’s Club Committeeman, Ernie Ward.

The Exhibition will be on display at the Riverside Centre in Brisbane CBD from Monday 11 September until Friday 22 September, 2017.

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