Atlantis, it appears, is no longer found at the bottom of the ocean. An experience of seaside opulence, The AU is a development perched on Surfers Paradise Beach, views of the horizon beyond sweeping and unbroken.

Straddling the shore, The AU is a limited collection of 12 single floor luxury apartments presenting beach life in its optimum form. Designed by Gold Coast based Archidiom Architects, known for their unique, innovative style, The AU channels inspiration from its surroundings while creating a world unto itself. “The AU was to be an exceptional, unique, luxurious and exclusive development,” said Emily Lavigne, Senior Development Manager at Gold Coast Integrated Resort. “The AU represents the element for gold and gold embodies these qualities. The flowing, curved form of the building reflects the natural beauty the Gold Coast is renowned for, the rolling mountains of the hinterland, and the endless beaches.”

The interior, featuring flourishes by acclaimed interior designer Greg Natale, champions the integration of design and decoration.

His characteristic bold, signature style is met with sophisticated, recognisable layering, complemented by details like moulded wall panels and pillars that lend a distinct, unforgettable appearance.

Ceilings soar to three metres to create a sense of lightness and openness, further welcoming in the ocean to almost every room. Herringbone timber races over the floors, and various surfaces are bedecked with high end Italian marble. Stone benchtops are supplemented by gold coloured fixtures and fittings, and each apartment has three large bathrooms. Uninterrupted ocean views fan out directly beneath 14-metre long balconies and vast windows, the ideal view with which to rest after long travels or inspire new ones.

Exquisite craftsmanship lingers in even the finest of details, with circular gold motifs carried through the wall art and floor patterns in the lobby to the designs adorning the doors and the style of light fixtures.

The finesse and themes are a reminder of The AU’s connection to the stunning beach on which it resides and its exclusivity, crafting a stunning haven for its residents.

On a resident’s pool deck, striped pillars flank lounge chairs and an ocean facing pool. A sauna, gym, and barbecue provide more options for entertaining and unwinding for those who want to host friends or practise yoga under the guidance of the rising sun. For those eager to explore, the white sands of the beach and the bustle of Surfers Paradise’s shops and restaurants are close at hand. A 24/7 concierge service is in place to accommodate needs at any hour, whether those be daily basics or unexpected emergencies, or simply a desire to rediscover what the city has to offer.

Ideal for a mature, refined audience with a passion for travel, The AU is a thesis on bold, luxurious living, allowing residents to partake in the Gold Coast’s natural beauty while enjoying a lavish lifestyle. The AU is currently being marketed by Unique Estates.