Australian cosmetic tattooing brand, THink Aesthetics, is set to launch at Emporium this May. Its new home at Emporium will mark its second clinic, with its flagship store based in The Gap.

Although it used to be available exclusively to celebrities, cosmetic tattooing is growing in popularity as people sought after Cara Delevingne-style brows, Adele winged eyeliner or Kylie Jenner inspired lips, semi-permanently. THink Aesthetics will soon be available to Emporium shoppers, ready to offer what is often referred to as ‘wake up makeup’.

According to the brand, THink Aesthetics uses semi-permanent pigments placed in the top layer of the skin,

busting the common myth that all tattoos are permanent.

These highly specialised pigments allow the colour to fade and match your skin tone, only needing a touch up from time-to-time. Cosmetic tattooing makes getting ready that bit easier as you reduce time in front of the mirror, as well as saving money on the daily application of cosmetics.

THink Aesthetics CEO Robert McGowan explained that as the industry pioneer in training and mentoring technicians, the company takes customer safety very seriously.

“We take very seriously what we and our customers put into people’s skin, and every pigment, every needle and every machine is scrutinised to make sure it is healthy,

safe and meets the highest European and international standards,” he said.

THink’s Flagship store at The Gap is a recognised leader in cosmetic training, with the training school in the process of becoming a genuine registered training organisation. The company has a strong focus on research and development and is extremely perceptive when it comes to what is best for pigments, equipment and techniques for use in their clinic.

Along with cosmetic tattooing, THink Aesthetics also offer other cosmetic procedures such as scar and burn camouflaging and 3D areola simulation for mastectomy patients.

THink Aesthetics is set to open at Emporium in May.