Molten Store founder and creative director Jessy Cameron is a trailblazer in every sense of the word.

As ethereal as she is down to earth, as charming as she is ambitious, you cannot help but be spellbound by Jessy Cameron. Her Molten Store troves are poetic masterpieces in their own right, encompassing an array of otherworldly jewellery, unique accessories and curious gifts she has curated from all over the world.

Founding Molten Store in 2011 as an online multi-brand boutique, Jessy soon realised where her true passion lay. “I was only ever going to be able to create this much of a story around other people’s products and I definitely don’t have any technical expertise when it comes to constructing jewellery. So the onus was on me to treasure hunt and find people worldwide to help,” she says. And treasure hunt she did. Reminiscent of her childhood frequenting flea markets and her fascination with finding jewellery boxes to sort through and explore, Jessy began satiating her wanderlust and sourcing her opulent finds simultaneously.

After hosting a series of ephemeral pop-up stores across Australia, Molten Store forayed into its bricks and mortar future, on James Street in Brisbane. Upon reflection, Jessy says she is in awe of Molten Store’s evolution, a large part of which she credits to her team. “I went from a one-man band to the biggest family of glittery children. The way they’ve helped shape the business, they continue to impress me, motivate me, inspire me.”

Molten Store’s defining attribute is an authenticity that is reflected in every facet of the brand, especially in the relationships Jessy cultivates with her Molten’s muses and how she wants them to feel when wearing her treasures. “I think because ultimately we’re still a small business, with a really strong heartbeat of a brand, I want them to feel proud that they’re wearing something that’s the product of the treasure hunt.” Jessy wants customers to feel comfortable wearing their pieces and for them to consume thoughtfully.“

I want people to choose pieces that will become totems of self-expression for them. We never market them as something that will complement an outfit or celebrate trends per se.”

So, what has Jessy dreamt up for Molten Store’s horizons? “Molten Bridal will be a massive part of our business in the future. But also more stores. I would love to get to the point in the future where Molten Store is a globally recognised symbol of personal expression.”

Jessy is a visionary, living by her favourite words of wisdom, “Don’t let perfect get in the way of better”. But it is clear, no matter where Molten Store goes, it will remain true to its magic. Jessy confesses that she will never forget the first time she saw a bride wearing a Molten Store piece. “I realised we had gone from selling beautiful things to heirlooms.”

Jessy talks often about Molten Store’s serendipitous journey, but her success as a businesswoman is the result of a lot more – her story, her heart and her striking spirit.



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