After struggling to find suits to match his slim 6′ 5″ figure, basketball player-turned-tailor Mark Ferguson started his own bespoke menswear suiting company, Wil Valor.

As opposed to off-the-rack or made-to-measure, bespoke menswear is a highly individualised and personalised custom suiting experience where everything is measured, sewn and then fitted out by hand.

For Ferguson, what matters is creating a wardrobe based 100 percent on the lifestyle and personality of the client. 

He examines the industry a client is in, their level, and what they want their level to be. Exploring everything from complexion, hair colour, the tone of voice and even type of handshake is important to Ferguson in deciding how to dress a client who doesn’t know how or doesn’t have the time.

Ferguson says his expertise comes from knowing what works with what, whether it be layering patterns or matching colours. An understanding of patterns, colours, and combinations allow him and his team to transform their clients’ wardrobes.

The inspiration behind the name? Ferguson believes it’s that of the ideal man: Valor for chivalry and Wil for determination. After all, he’s not just selling suits: he’s selling the version of his clients that they most want to be.

While his main customer base is entrepreneurs and company heads who can afford luxe tailor-made suiting from high-end brands, Ferguson believes the personalisation, customisation, and customer-focused aspect help them stand apart. For him, it is about the suit fitting the customer’s mould, not the other way around.

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