As swiping right becomes an innate behaviour and sexting is the new knock at your door, Malcolm Chenu explores the value of respect in a digital dating world with his new book A Young Man’s Guide to Getting Some.

The hilarious guide book offers much needed advice about how to woo the girl of your dreams in an ever-changing electronic realm of romance, presenting a MANifesto for modern dating.

Chenu asks men of all ages to open their eyes and realise that behaving honourably and treating women with respect would have them swimming in attention. Yet, too many guys go for lies, sleezy lines and charmless midnight texts instead to try and fill their desires.

Taking the high road outlined in A Young Man’s Guide to Getting Some is said to be the ultimate fool-proof method of getting the ladies attention and making one a unicorn in a milieu of ordinary men – and what girl doesn’t want a unicorn right?

The Guide provides creative and amusing advice about how to initiate contact, escape the world-ending Friend Zone, and respect the effort She makes to look so impressive. Malcolm Chenu endeavours to teach men everything from how to behave on a date to the crazy realm of Tindr, and what to do before, during and after actually getting some.

“This is a light-hearted book about bringing back romance, chivalry and respect,” Chenu said.

“It’s about finding love by being a good bloke. It’s the book I wish I’d had when I started dating.”

Chenu’s book is for men, even if they think they have dating nailed; for girls who want to know how men should treat them or who need to train their man; for parents who find it hard to discuss this stuff with their sons but want them to get the message; and for anyone who enjoys humorous and insightful commentary on dating in the digital age.

Your can purchase the book at all good bookstores or online here.

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