Gold Coast yoga studio Soul Centre wants to dispel the idea that mature audiences struggle with exercise by launching its 50 Poses of Grey classes.

Yoga is not only safe for older practitioners, but is also effective in keeping the mind and body in good health. Keeping active as a senior can be challenging, though the benefits improve overall quality of life, including lowering stress levels, supporting healthy bones, flexibility and anxiety relief.

Yoga offers an alternative to other forms of fitness, proving more accessible for people of all ages.

It helps restore vitality to the body and can expand the mind, aiding adults physically and emotionally as they enter midlife and later years. Instead of the older years becoming a time of deterioration, yoga transforms this period into one of increased perspective and illumination.

It also eases the body back into exercise after periods of being more inactive. According to 94 year-old yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch, yoga is the secret to aging gracefully and maintaining a positive attitude through the years.

“As you get more experienced, you’ll want to increase your yoga sessions every week,” said Tao.

50 Poses of Grey was designed to get mature women into yoga and to inspire them to appreciate the true flexibility and mobility of their bodies.

“Yoga gets you fit and improves your core strength. It is the most ideal low impact exercise regime for people looking to improve their overall health, fitness and wellness,” said Libby Weaver, Soul Centre owner and creator of the new program.

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