Indulge Magazine


Bacchus Restaurant at South Bank has released its new menu and Indulge Magazine got to taste all the goodies at an exclusive tasting night. This ambitious new menu features some quintessential Bacchus flavours with rich onion, venison, wintery vegetables and elaborate desserts. The menu is full of colour and flavour with Head Chef Mark Penna really outdoing himself. The first course tester was the clearwater, pan-roasted scallops with wild rice, Jerusalem artichoke and Western Australian octopus. The octopus was a flavour explosion with the large scallops there to balance out the rich palate. The rice added an earthy feel to the dish combining land and sea on a turquoise serving plate. For second course the ravioli with baby bocconcini, cherry tomatoes, roasted eggplant with black olives was served.

I really loved this dish. The pasta was light and the filling packed with that zing of cherry tomato. Head Chef Mark Penna’s attention to the finer details in the dish made all the difference. He explained to the table the way the eggplant slithers at the base of the pasta added to the complexity of the dish its role in the flavour journey from plate to belly. As a meat lover I was very impressed with slow roasted venison dish and the pigeon dish served as the mains. The venison dish was impeccable presented with a savoy cabbage parcel, onion tatin, pink peppercorn sauce and of course the venison. The pigeon dish combined squab, foie gras, celeriac, chestnut mushrooms, madeira and muscatelle sauce. One thing Bacchus always gets right is its meat. This night was no different with the meat once again championing the plate. For dessert I was treated to two very fruity creations.

The first was an old recipe with a modern twist, a pineapple upside down cake with a coconut water sorbet. This is the perfect desert for those with food allergies or intolerances. Head Chef Mark Penna made sure this dish could be eaten by anyone with dietary requirements dining at Bacchus. Don’t let this put you off; the base of the desert was crumbly and filling with the top sweet with pineapple. The construction of this dish and the way it looked on the plate was beautiful. My favourite dessert however was the passionfruit vanilla set cream with sweet paste crust, raspberries and gingerbread ice cream. Every element of the dish worked by itself but also perfectly together with the other elements on the plate. The texture was smooth and the flavours simple. There was also the novelty of cracking into a little crème brulee top and admiring the hints of gold leaf skilfully added for the presentation of the dish.

Words by Sarah Clarry