Even in winter, fake tan products make golden, sun-kissed skin readily attainable; it’s little wonder so many people across the country are hooked on the trend. However, every tan junkie has encountered serious problems with removing the pigment.

Gold Coast makeup artist, Brie Stevenson, partnered with two beauty industry experts, and created ANTHEIA Fake Tan Remover. The remover works within seconds, and there’s no need to scrub and soak. The formula is free from harsh chemicals, and is vegan friendly. Brie says, “Your skin is the body’s largest growing organ and treating it gently with natural solutions is a non-negotiable. I have instilled since day one that we are a ‘skin first’ company – meaning we focus on what’s best for your skin above everything else.”

After she developed the fake tan remover, Brie created the ANTHEIA Liquid Micro Peel.

She pledges that it’s the, “New skin champion for removing dead skin cells gently and restoring your skin gently – gone are the days of messy coffee and sugar scrubs!”

ANTHEIA’s journey began through crowd funding. Brie says, “I started by having conversations with and listening to what the people want – a tan remover that works, and I wanted to start the discussion with the rest of the world in the same way.” From then on, ANTHEIA exploded. “Coincidentally it lead to TV coverage and an offer from an investor and while it was a pretty raw and wild ride, I have lots of learnings that I am grateful for,” Brie reflects.

ANTHEIA was inspired by Brie repeatedly witnessing the anguish caused by stubborn fake tans. She says, “I genuinely felt distressed that my clients were calling me from the bath crying because they couldn’t remove their tan and needed to have clean skin to either tan again or restore it to its natural state.”

Furthermore, the unsuccessful removal of a fake tan has the capacity to affect work, according to Brie. Shedivulges, “At the time I owned a photography company and models and actors were showing up to shoots with patchy skin and nightmare stories.”

Brie’s personal tanning history isn’t blemish free; her first tanning experience was nothing short of a disaster! Brie confesses “When I was about ten years old, I raided my stepmother’s make up case and found a Clarin’s self-tan tube and decided to give it a go. I had a lot of visions of myself getting around feeling fabulous, but let’s just say a ten year old does not blend very well!”

Clearly Brie has come a long way from playing with her step mother’s cosmetics, revolutionising the fake tan industry with her sophisticated formula. In terms of future prospects, Brie says “I want to expand ANTHEIA with new beauty products while staying true to my core belief of putting the skin first.”


Banner image: Brie Stevenson