Red Hill Gallery will showcase David Hinchliffe’s latest painting collection, Brisbane and Other Destinations, from Saturday, 12 August.

Hinchliffe returns to his hometown of Brisbane after sold-out exhibitions across the globe in New York, London, and Paris.

His work is influenced by the shapes, the noise and the shadows of city landscapes, as well as the seasonal colours of the ever changing landscape.

In his art, he captures the drama of the lower East Side in New York, the reflections in the canals of Venice, the romance of Parisian streets, the crowded pedestrian footpaths of Brisbane, or the breathtaking tree-lined streets near his home and studio.

“My recent work deals with the urban environment in its many forms, in cities around the world as well as an abiding affinity with the Australian landscape. It is a response to light. I like the movement of light across a surface, whether it’s a valley, a river, a street or the human form,” said Hinchliffe.

“This exhibition follows many successful shows of David’s art all over the world. We are thrilled to show the people of his hometown, the incredible interpretations and atmospheric qualities that he manages to imbue in his canvases,” said Gallery Director Margaret Campbell-Ryder.

The exhibition draws inspiration from Hinchliffe’s travels through the streetscapes of New York, France and Italy. For those looking for something a little closer to home, New Farm and Red Hill bring the stunning beauty of suburban Australia to the canvas.

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