For Elle Lavon, an outfit is not just about style: it is about power.

That is why, for nearly 14 years, the Brisbane-based personal stylist has been giving her clients more than just a wardrobe refresher. Her consultation affords them the opportunity to tap into self-expression, confidence and the version of themselves they have longed to become. “Style opens doors and creates opportunity because people who walk the walk are magnetic and charismatic and get what they want out of life,” said Elle. “It has the power to make you become the man you were always meant to be.”

Since opening her first image consulting business, Elevate, in Brisbane in 2004, Elle has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian and international fashion including Wil Valor, Hugo Boss, and Ted Baker. She sought to give male shoppers an ally, introducing them to quality brands and teaching them what, exactly, it meant to capture that elusive concept of style.

“[Men] can arrive home with clothes they don’t know how to wear,” she said. “This can be prevented by working with someone who has their best interests at heart and the skills to make them look sensational and feel like a king.”

Rebranding herself as E.L. Stylist this past January, the change accompanied a desire to offer a comprehensive styling service. That desire would be the foundations of The Modern Gentry, as Elle sought out Clare Sheng of The Fitting Room, whose services she had been using since 2010. “I invited Clare to become my exclusive supplier when it comes to tailoring and, funnily enough, at the time she was looking for exactly what I had to offer,” she said.

The Modern Gentry offers Brisbane men an avenue to meet all their personal appearance requirements while helping them distinguish the nuances between the gentry and, well, everyone else.

“It became clear to me that there is not only a need, but a real hunger amongst men to learn about their style and everything to do with the modern man’s culture,” she said.

“The Modern Gentry will bring together a hub of specialists in all areas that help make men successful through styling, tailoring and communication.”

Members of The Modern Gentry have access to a curation of service providers, offering insight into everything from grooming to mixology. Industry specialists offer masterclasses via subscription to the group, providing what Elle refers to as ‘insider secrets’. “This allows them to connect as a community and enjoy the benefits of having first-hand access to these hand-picked specialists,” said Elle.

Subscribers also have access to exclusive membership programs and events, including lavish soirees held two to three times a year and intimate social evenings, among other opportunities. “Brisbane is no longer a sleepy town, people need to step up, dress up and become their best,” she said.