Situated on Moreton Island, Tangalooma Island Resort has been dubbed ‘nature’s theme park’. There are activities for thrill seekers and serial relaxers alike, whether guests are seeking a romantic getaway, or have three kids in tow.

For those who feel at home underwater, the Sea Scooter Safari experience takes visitors on a turbocharged snorkelling experience. Fish, stingrays and turtles await, and mysterious wrecks are begging to be explored.

Up in the air, adrenaline junkies are given the chance to parasail over the ocean. For a gentler in-air experience, helicopter tours take guests on a tour over Moreton Island, Mt Tempest, Blue Lagoon and Honeymoon Bay. Bird’s eye views of the Island’s shorelines are best enjoyed with your special someone by your side.

For couples well past the honeymoon stage, toting little ones around, the banana boat is the ride to be on. Parents and children alike are sure to have a blast as they’re towed across the open ocean by a speed boat.

Even if guests prefer dry land over the sea and sky, Tangalooma’s got plenty on offer. Sand tobogganing is offered on the guided four wheel drive tours, where guests ride on a board over sand dunes at 40 km/hour! Quad bikes rides along island trails are available, and prior experience is not necessary. And of course, the humble bush walk mustn’t be forgotten. Eco-rangers take visitors on guided tours, filled with fun facts for the entire family.

As the sun sets, the fun is far from over. Every animal lover will be smiling from ear to ear

as they meet and feed the wild bottlenose dolphins. Since the first sighting of dolphin in the early 1990s, many dolphins are now regular visitors, who enjoy frolicking along the shoreline for guests.

When night arrives, new activities surface. The Glass-Bottom Boat, takes visitors on an Illuminated Wrecks Tour. Adventurous souls will relish the night time kayak tours.

The sheer number of activities can be overwhelming, so it’s important to remember to relax and recharge. Tangalooma offers a host of personalised services that help guests relax unwind. Strike the perfect balance between activity and relaxation for the quintessential Tangalooma experience.