Indulge MagazineTweed Heads based artist, Hiromi Tango is the 2015 winner of the Gold Coast Art Prize with her remarkable work, ‘Sea Tears’.

Nick Mitzevich, Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia describes the piece as “a Berocca for the senses.” “Like a bowerbird, she mines her immediate surroundings and experiences to create works that are both autobiographical and take the pulse of contemporary society”. ‘Sea Tears’ perfectly encapsulates the vibrant culture of the Gold Coast, illustrating its most renowned attractions: the sea, sun and surf.  Tango’s lyrical voice further illuminates the piece, adding another layer of complexity that doesn’t immediately come to mind when looking at the colourful work. She says “crying quietly under the ocean, tears intermingling with salt water – nature and mine. Its movement is slow, yet it is angry and deeply sad. But it remains inaudible and invisible…Sea Tears is a collective tear drop, where all tears converge to become an ocean”.

‘Sea Tears’ operates as both a 3D sculpture and a wall work, and is “a collision of her

Japanese heritage and her most recent experiences in Australia,” says Mitzevich. Inspired by the memory and emotion of the human brain, Tango says the piece portrays and represents the intertwining tendrils of neural networks. “New connections are formed, others terminate, mirroring the process of neuroplasticity”.

The winning artwork has been acquired for the Gold Coast City Collection, along with an additional artwork from Christian Lock. Both pieces are on display in Gallery 1 and Foyer Gallery on the Gold Coast from the 5th of December to 31st of January. Check out Hiromi’s previous work here.

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Indulge Magazine

Hiromi Tango and ‘Sea Tears’

Indulge MagazineChristian Lock ‘Untitled’

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Words by Maddie Vlismas

Photos from Greg Piper, courtesy of the artists