They are Brisbane’s new girls on the fashion scene, but already Lily & Lime are causing waves with their fabulous, comfortable, and most importantly, supportive bikins and briefs for larger busted and plus sized women. “When you’re bigger busted, you don’t feel comfortable in a bikini unless you feel secure and supported. But there is just so little in the market that is both stylish and supportive. So we wanted to create a range that would empower women with larger busts like us to be confident, have fun, and feel good,” co-owner Emma-Jane Hughes said. Created by long-time friends Emma-Jane Hughes and Ashleigh Hill and launched earlier this year, Lily & Lime was born out of their frustration with the lack of stylish, affordable, and supportive bikinis to fit their bigger busts. And so they began  a quest to develop a range that would help other women who were in the same predicament feel good about going to the beach again. Since its January release, the brand has taken off with online sales sky-rocketing month after month, and the business finding a particularly strong foothold amongst new and expecting mothers, who delighted in the chance to continue trips to the beach in comfort and style. “We have been overwhelmed by the response to our swimwear from all over the world. We’ve been particularly touched by repeat customers who are so pleased to have found stylish bikinis that fit and support them and that have given them extra confidence,” Emma-Jane said. With their online store selling to customers from all over the world to rave reviews, Lily & Lime are only just starting in their quest to bring style matched with comfort to bigger women, and to dominate the swimwear market.

Words by Ciaran Bruder
Images supplied by Katie Maynes PR