With more than 30 years in the food industry behind him and many awards to his name, chef Matt Moran is celebrating his fifth cookbook publication.

Moran is the tour de force behind some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments Aria, Chiswick, and North Bondi Fish, to name a few.

At the heart of every one of Moran’s endeavours lies a passion for fresh, seasonal produce and simplicity of ingredients. Matt is a frequent contributor to food publications globally and he has been a presenter, judge, and host on many much-loved Australian and international TV shows.

Most recently, he was featured on Foxtel’s top-rating Great Australian Bake Off and Family Food Fight, which is coming soon to Channel 9.

Moran is an eighth generation Australian and fourth generation farmer, making his passion for drawing on local, fresh produce a deep-rooted one.

In his new cookbook, he offers the food he considers the best of Australia, with dishes reflecting the rich, multicultural nature of our society.

“I believe Australian food is some of the best in the world and this book is a celebration of that,” Moran said.

“Nothing less than world-class and quite simply, amazing.”

The recipes in this book span the country food traditions of regional Australia to the rugged coastline, which offers amazing fresh seafood. From the best slow-roasted lamb shoulder to an iconic passionfruit cheesecake, anyone who has spent time in Australia recognise a recipe that is a favourite in their household.

“I consider myself to be so lucky to have discovered cooking when and where I did, as I’ve been able to witness and be a part of the evolution of Australian food into what it is today: world class, ever-changing and, quite simply, inspiring,” he said.

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