"Personal Concierge and Home Butler"

Alice + Albert is Brisbane’s newest personal concierge service, getting things done that you don’t have time to do. An innovative new business, Alice + Albert will take care of your to-do list.

Louisa Dyson, UK founder, professional organiser and personal concierge had the idea for Alice + Albert just over a year ago, after nine years in the corporate sector. She wanted to do something that she would enjoy and writing and completing to-do lists is something she loves. “If I could help other people with their to-do lists and make a living out of it then I’m winning,” Ms Dyson said. The market in the UK and USA is huge and growing in Australia so Ms Dyson is taking advantage of the opportunity. Alice + Albert aims to bring an old-fashioned concept to the modern age, focusing on the best of British culture and hospitality. They offer two levels of support- Personal Conceirge and a Home Butler Service, both of which ensure everything is taken care of to the highest of standards. The aim is to simplify life and allow time for what is important. Tasks that Alice + Albert can take care of vary hugely, from day to day support such as mail management, home projects, shopping, dry-cleaning etc. The list is endless.

Alice + Albert provide three packages ‘Essential’, ‘Complete’ and ‘Bespoke’. Tasks such as general house tidy, emptying bins, laundry and other chores can be taken care of with ease.  Alice + Albert is trustworthy, sophisticated, modern and professional, aiming at people with little time. With a growing network of reputable service and product providers, Ms Dyson says that everything is always under control.

“We hire PT’s, nutritionists and therapists to improve upon and keep our lives on track, so why not personal concierges and home butlers?” Ms Dyson said. With plans to expand the team into other major cities, Alice + Albert will be more accessible to everyone.

Words by Rebecca van Heerden
Images supplied by Ford Digital Agency