Biggest achievement in the last 100 years for Wallace Bishop?
The fact that we have continued operating as a family business for four generations is by far the biggest achievement. When you look back at all the changes the company has been through across the time and all the different possible influences that could have pushed us a different way, the basic ethos of maintaining the craftsmanship of jewellery and horology have been the core ingredient to our achievements.

Favourite international holiday destination and why?
The Greek Islands, where I am able to completely switch off and enjoy time with my family.  It’s where I am able to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful waters and boating, which has always been a passion of mine.

A spring weekend is best spent…?
Springtime in Noosa is my favourite time of the year to head there for a weekend away.

Most exciting moment of creating a piece of jewellery?
It’s about the process: starting with a drawing, seeing the excitement on the client’s face at different steps of the process, and most all, the finished piece when finally presented.

Favourite piece of jewellery you have created and why?
Hard to say, there are a lot. For me, creating a special piece is all about the hunt for the right gems that will work with the design in my mind and what’s on paper.

About 15 years ago, I collected gems one by one for a necklace — it was spectacular, and what makes it a favourite is that it sold for $1.25 million. That’s not the biggest price tag that we have sold something for, but it was a piece that I had touched the whole way through and had put a lot of effort into.

Ultimate Australian getaway, and why?
I would have to say a standout trip was when our littlest was six weeks old. We all went to Hotham and stayed for five nights. We had this very cute cocoon with carry handles for the newly arrived that made getting around easy. The older two kids were new to skiing and the snow was awesome. Snow in Australia can be great if you time it well.