- Indulge Magazine - Secret Foodies 2016

Mystical event creators Secret Foodies are holding their 2016 Brisbane event on Thursday September 29. The culinary event will be the second Brisbane event, hosting an Arabian Nights themed surprised dinner. This exciting night is an event for all ages, with food lovers in for a night of adventure with the secret location of the dinner revealed just two hours before the event. Pushing boundaries and expectations, guest will not only be transported to experience the fine foods of Arabia, but will also take part in their own interactive cooking class.

Without giving too much about the venue away, the Secret Foodies have said they will present their night in Arabia at an inner city, urban-chic location easily accessible by the guests. Looking at past Secret Foodies events, the creators have no limits in immersing their guests into the theme of the night transforming their venues into a totally different Brisbane. Guests can expect nothing short of spectacular, with the venue to exude the smell of pomegranate, saffron, rosewater and spices from the moment they enter, mimicking a true Kasbah market.

In the past, Secret Foodies have held their events across Brisbane in various restaurants and locations, including a rooftop, laneway, warehouse and even a farmyard barn. The theme for each event is ever changing, with past theme’s taking guests to a regional French dinner, Truffle Degustation, Pop-up Picnic and even a vintage Marie Antoinette champagne soiree. The first Brisbane themed event was Cocktail Degustation at a waterfront restaurant in the heart of Brisbane City. Guests raved about their four course Asian style banquet with accompanying Asian style cocktails served throughout the night.

The event success has given Brisbane foodies the opportunity to experience a new dining event while encouraging guests to mingle outside of their typical social circles and meet new people. The Founder of Secret Foodies Alex Adams says “Secret Foodies is perfect for anyone who wants to meet new people, try new places and eat delicious food”. Fostering on a passion of food and learning about the philosophy of food, guests are treated with a personal question and answer with the chef at the event. Guests for this Arabian adventure are asked to dress with an Arabian flair prepared for a hands-on interactive experience. Food lovers can sign up to the Secret Foodies newsletter via their website while viewing the success of past events. The Secret Foodies is one food experience that everyone should enjoy at least once but seats are limited. For ticket and event information visit here.

Words By Nikita Martinz
Images supplied by Bango Group.