The Botanical Gardens end of town is quiet. There aren’t too many restaurants, coffee shops or bars. But a new wine bar/ charcuterie/hang out place has just opened with a suitably darkish interior, comfortable chairs, food and wine. In other words, it’s ideal for people who want somewhere to drink and talk. You remember talk? Verbal interaction between people.

The Silver Fox Wine Bar, located at 2 Edward Street, is open seven days a week from 7am, catering to the breakfast crowd and to the drinks-after-work crowd. In fact, while I was there I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in ages.

It’s also handy for those folks going to the Gardens who might want a little something-something.

As it’s new, the wine list is in a state of flux. I’m not going to recommend any particular wine now – but I’ve been there twice and each time had very quaffable reds. The cocktail list tempts but I never mix grape and grain — anymore.

They also have bar food. The charcuterie offers eight meat-y options – salamis, proscuttios, and air-dried options from Spain and Australia. You can choose or let their expert opinion guide you. The cheeses come from Italy, France, England and Australia. Definitely include the Tarago River Jensen’s Red and the Spanish air-dried pork.

Of course, there are tangy tid-bits such as the tart-caramelized orange, capers, picked onions and mushrooms, and cornichons.

Our first night, we had the pleasure of meeting owner James Stevens. Lawyer James inherited the bar. He works nearby and when the last establishment left, the building owner asked James to take it on. And he thought…why not? James is bluff, hearty and always up for a good chat. He’s got a dozen stories and enough personality for ten lawyers. He’s Brisbane personified. Look for a white-cream panama hat. If you don’t have anything to say – just tell him you like jazz and be prepared for a good, long conversation. He owns a place up the road—but I’ll discuss that another day.

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