Paddington’s Percolator Gallery held Suffusion from 12 to 17 December, an exhibition by Australian artist Renie Bartsch. Bartsch paints and draws because she likes to record a special moment, or the beauty of nature, and to create images that can be enjoyed and contemplated for years to come. Her arts practice is about a form of personalised mapping of people, places, and patterns pertaining to memories, nostalgia, and the beauty in nature. The concepts of memory and reflection are an important part of her work, which is a pictorial narrative illustrated by portraits, figurative images, landscapes, and nature in general. Paintings in the Suffusion exhibition traverse a wide range of techniques and subjects, varying from landscapes, to portraits and the everyday, and have a decorative but emotional aspect, suffused with cool light and sunshiny colours. Although the subject matter in her work can be quite diverse, her hope is to create unique works of art that are not only thought-provoking but emotional, expressive, and beautiful.