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The Ambience Store Project is back again showcasing the exquisite, the exotic and the sustainable in its latest vibrant display featuring the natural world at 52 Doggett Street, Newstead. The Ambience Store Project #4 is well timed to highlight the important role art plays in raising awareness for our fragile natural resources and how our natural resources continue to inspire contemporary artists.

Headlining The Ambience Store Project’s fourth installment is Sunshine Coast artist Amica Whincop. Inspired by a childhood in England and an adult life spent traveling through some of the most exotic locations the world has to offer, Whincop’s paintings celebrate the natural world through ethereal canvases of opalescent stones, organic form and dappled light.

With Whincop’s artworks scheduled to appear in some of Australia’s most respected commercial galleries, Whincops inclusion in The Ambience Store Project #4 will be the last chance to get a sneak peek of her work before she launches into touring art’s main stage.

Featuring alongside Whincop is artist Rachael Wellich, whose concern with sustainability and new materialism has guided her work to primarily encompass natural indigo dyes and organic fibers. In keeping with the traditions of ancient textile arts, Wellich hand dyes, stitches, carves and waxes her works, incorporating the age-old techniques of Japanese, Eastern European and Middle Eastern artisans to create her installations. “This project gives people the chance to interact with art outside of the white box gallery space that some people find intimidating or inaccessible,” says Wellich. “It gives artists an opportunity to exhibit additional to the usual spaces and it gives the public the chance to buy original art from local people who care deeply about what they do. Everyone knows that art and culture is important even if they can’t quantify it or put a ‘Return on Investment’ calculation to it.”

Joining Whincop and Wellich in The Ambience Store Project launch is Brisbane-based photographer Raw Bones. Bones’ career in capturing the bustling burlesque and live music scene has been sidelined by the urgent desire to record the beauty of the endangered Gold Coast Hinterland rainforests. Due to climate change and overdevelopment Bones seeks to capture the last days of the exquisite landscape before they are lost to us forever.

The Ambience Store Project #4 will showcase the natural world exhibition from June 2 to 27.

By Casuarina James
Image supplied