Making its way to Asia Pacific is a collection of upscale hotels dedicated primarily to one thing: accommodating for travellers with young children. The Little Guest Hotel Collection, which has already established 20 hotels throughout the world, is joining forces with Horus Development & Consulting to facilitate the stay of parents and their children.

This collaboration is also providing local hoteliers the opportunity to target millennials, as it is the generation of 20 to 35-year olds who travel most.

Millennial parents traveling with their young children will soon be able to stay in establishments that offer personalised and impeccable services to parents, but also, and above all, a real programme dedicated to children. 

The demands of a family are unlike those of any other traveler. Jérôme Stéfanski, creator of The Little Guest Hotels Collection and young father, is no stranger to such demands. During a family trip, Jérôme was confronted with the unpleasant experience inevitably caused by a hungry baby and forgotten essential – the bottle.

Amidst the untamed howls that threatened to wake the whole floor, Jérôme learned that the five star hotel he was staying at did not keep any rescue bottles. Despite his makeshift attempts at drilling a minibar water bottle with a corkscrew, there was no consoling his baby until, at 1 am, he found an open pharmacy.

It was this incident that prompted Jérôme to create The Little Guest Hotels Collection a few days later.

Selected institutions within the hotel collection are required to meet stringent standards to greatly improve the holidays of children aged from 0 to 12 years, while still providing parents with luxuries such as fine dining, design, spa and golf.

To qualify for The Little Guest Hotels Collection (for example, Hotel Manali Courchevel, pictured below), each institution must offer the majority of 24 prescribed services. A nearby hospital, shuttle with baby seat, baby bath, baby phone, stroller and baby club are among such requirements put in place to benefit infants. Also featured are kid’s excursions and clubs, baby sitting, sports activities and crafts for children a little older.

And, of course, the emergency milk bottle is a must.