November was a very exciting time for the Marriott in Brisbane’s CBD, as the hotel was entirely devoted to hosting the USA delegation to the G20 Summit, including President of the United States, Barack Obama. According to the Marriott’s marketing pro Brooke Vinter, Obama had a personal chef cooking his meals but his lookalike ‘body man’ dined in the ground floor restaurant, enjoying the Marriott’s fine cuisine. The President used the Marriott’s gymnasium twice a day while here, so the hotel gifted him an iPod loaded with Aussie rock songs for him to enjoy while working out. 

The Marriott was an appropriate choice for the USA delegation, because the hotel is often the choice of Brisbane accommodation for visiting Americans. Because of the chain’s proud Amercian heritage and their key visitors, chefs at the Marriott make sure to cater especially for special holidays like Thanksgiving. For the Thanksgiving menu, Chef Peter Iwanczyk drew upon his fond memories of family festive seasons, growing up amongst the wonderful produce of Tasmania.

He produced dishes which compiled locally grown ingredients, yet give a nod to our friends across the Pacific, like roasted yam salad with chestnuts, cranberries and pancetta; roasted turkey and pistachio stuffing with root vegetables and cranberry jus and spiced pumpkin pie with whipped cream. What a way to make North Americans feel welcome on our shores. This menu combined with some of the most comfortable chairs in any Brisbane dining room make up the high standard of professional hospitality for which the USA is world famous.

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Words by Chris Hassall | Images supplied by Brisbane Marriott Hotel